Testimonials - online 2020

“These three days have been truly wonderful. I have loved the company and musicianship, as well as the creativity. I work in IT and fully understand the challenges, so for you to even think about this venture is remarkable and a testament to your love and determination that music will still be made somehow.)”

“Thank you so much Sue for making this unique opportunity possible! It was so interesting to learn a little of Sian’s depth of understanding of music and humanity and her insight into the serenade. We are a very lucky course. ”

“For all of us starved of seeing and playing with our musical chums it was magic to be taking part in something with the Malvernites, and some very welcome new faces. I'm still buzzing (not the lips!)”

Once again thank you so much for creating such an inspiring Malvern on Line. I really felt we had an online home for the 3 days!)”

“As a first timer, it was great. Inspiring, helpful and good fun - thanks again for all your enthusiasm and hard work. It’s infectious, much more than Covid! ”

“I think what worked well given the impossibility of ensemble playing in real time was the emphasis on all the auxiliary skills (breathing, rhythm exercises, reed care, studying a score, rehearsing as an ensemble, etc) as well as the opportunities for solo playing and feedback. Given that being on videoconf. for long stretches can be quite tiring, I also thought the pacing was perfect - 3 days in this format felt exactly the right length. In short, I honestly can't think of anything that could have been improved given the challenging circumstances!”


orchestra 1

“A good balance of creative and interesting classes. Can't recommend this highly enough. Tutors were enthusiastic and energising, the planning paid off as this was an excellent, social week. The highlight of my musical year - thank you!”

“It was a hugely enjoyable week: one of the friendliest I've known. Wonderful tuition. Relaxed atmosphere.”


“The tutors' concert was simply outstanding!”

“I had a fantastic time and I will be devastated if I don't get on the course next year!”


“The tutors’ concert was great. The highlight for me was Anna’s jaw dropping solo.”

tutorsconcert 2

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It is lovely being immersed in music and being surrounded by such friendly and supportive participants and tutors.”

“I loved the warm-up and workshop sessions - they all managed to be different yet relevant to chamber music playing, especially the breathing, rhythm and pulse sessions.”

“I have really enjoyed this course more than ever. Sue and Philip have a delightful touch and make it run smoothly and be such fun!”


“Reed making was a revelation, very informative and fun - and something I’ve never done before.”

“Many of us have a negative attitude to our own playing having been told for years that we were doing things wrong. You can't change the habits of a lifetime but you certainly try. I think many teachers also feel they have to point out your faults - it's a real skill in a tutor to not do this and to focus on the positives. Not many teachers can do this - you all do.”

orchestra 2

“The highlight? Playing the Beethoven - my first real time of playing a chamber piece where the music came first, and we all managed to focus on the musical aspects of playing it and performing. That was a real highlight of my playing experience so far - I even had a little cry when I got back to my seat, such is the power of making music!”


flutes 1

“All of the tutors' enthusiasm and unrelenting positivity was infectious and I feel my confidence has grown massively in a week.”

“The tutors’ concert was a real highlight. Also, one of the best things about this course (out of many best things!) are the tutors. By this I mean having top class tutors for EVERY instrument, which you don't always get on courses; having tutors who are young working professionals - I think this brings an added dimension. The positive attitude of the tutors is really encouraging and makes such a difference.”

flutes 1

“This has been one of the most impressive weeks in my life and it might be that my personal and musical journey will start in a totally new direction.”

“I am just about back to earth after spending such a great week on planet music!”

“Any other comments - absolutely brilliant. Second to none. I am much more discriminating about what courses I go on now, having been to this one. Everyone else has a lot to live up to.”